Corrine Bylund is a skilled family law attorney.

Whether you need someone to help you through a contested matter or your case is more complex, experience matters when it comes to choosing a family law attorney. Knowing the law, isn’t enough to properly counsel someone who is going through a family law problem. It also takes compassion and knowledge regarding different fact patterns and courtroom experience to be adequately prepared.

Communication with your lawyer is critical. Corrine Bylund is someone who can explain things to you regarding your case and provide you with realistic expectations. You may not be able to fully anticipate the actions of the opposing party. It is important to hire someone who can help you regain your focus.

Availability is also important. At Bylund Law, we care about our clients. Our compassionate staff is committed to you. If Ms. Bylund is in court or unavailable, there will be someone to take your call and contact her so that she can address your concerns as soon as practicable. More importantly, if you need an attorney that will meet with you outside of regular business hours or at a location other than downtown Jacksonville, please don’t hesitate to ask us – we appreciate the opportunity to help you.

Choosing an attorney in a family law matter is a very personal decision. It is important that you choose a firm and attorney you feel is going to be on your side. You should choose an individual that you feel has the qualities that are going to help you through your situation. This is a decision that should only be made after research. Please look at Ms. Bylund’s profiles on LinkedIn, Avvo, FindLaw and SuperLawyers.

A good family law attorney will be dedicated to vigorously protecting you and your family’s future. We are prepared to handle your legal issues.

We would consider it a pleasure to represent you and to take charge of your case should you require legal services.

Too often lawyers treat clients as “just another case.” We have learned that each client is unique in spite of the many cases we handle for our many deserving clients. Each client’s case is the only one that he or she has, and as such, it is an important part of his or her life. Clients come to Corrine Bylund because she cares about her clients, who are treated as individuals. It is unfair to apply cookie cutters to families.

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